Education agencies assigned with this logo are ISEA Accredited Agencies. Education counsellors from an ISEA accredited education agency have completed the ISEA agent training programme and have a wealth of knowledge to support and guide prospective students interested in studying in New Zealand.
Education agencies assigned with this logo have applied for ISEA accreditation. Education counsellors from these agencies may not yet have completed the ISEA agent training or are waiting for their accreditation to be finalised.
Education agencies assigned with this logo are ISEA education agency members. They receive regular updates about the New Zealand international education sector from ISEA but have not completed the ISEA agent training and accreditation programme.


    • Country
    • Status
    Agency NameCountry
    Kaplan InternationalColombia
    Kart's EduIndonesia
    KBA Global Pty LtdPhilippines
    Kenton EducationVietnam
    Key EducationThailand
    Khai Ming CorpVietnam
    KiaOra Education LimitedNew Zealand
    Kinetics Corporation LtdThailand
    King Fortune LimitedNew Zealand
    King's Educational Services CoThailand
    Kiwi Centre (Thailand)Thailand
    Kiwi EducationNew Zealand
    Kiwi EducationNew Zealand
    Kiwi English Academy LtdNew Zealand
    Kiwi House International Company LtdVietnam
    Kiwi PathwaysNew Zealand
    Kiwi Pioneers GroupNew Zealand
    Kiwi StudioNew Zealand
    Kiwi WayNew Zealand
    Kiwiana Immigration and EducationNew Zealand
    Kiwier LimitedNew Zealand
    KiwihoppNew Zealand
    Knowledge Plus Education ServicesThailand
    KOKOSNew Zealand
    KOKOS PhilippinePhilippines
    KorPunGun Co.,Ltd.Thailand
    Koru EducationNew Zealand
    Koru EducationVietnam
    Koru New ZealandThailand
    Kowhai InternationalNew Zealand
    Kya International GroupNew Zealand
    L&V CompanyVietnam
    LAENew Zealand
    LAE International EducationNew Zealand
    LAE Latino Australia EducationColombia
    Language Link Vietnam CompanyVietnam
    Language Solution Center Company LimitedThailand
    Language Tours Canada - BogotaColombia
    LAT Group Australia-BogotaColombia