Every Education Agent involved in counselling prospective students for the New Zealand market will need to complete the ISEA training modules for the Education Agency to achieve accreditation status.

Training modules are comprehensive modules designed to meet general industry training as well as sector specific training requirements.

The training modules have been designed to be delivered face to face and are interactive to allow for new learning experiences and engagement.  Each education agent (counselor) who completes the training will receive a ISEA training completion certificate.

The training modules include:

General Training

Module 1:

The New Zealand International Education Industry
This module provides an industry overview including statistics on international student markets, sector statistics and New Zealand regional statistics.  The module also introduces the New Zealand Government International Education Strategy, Government Agencies involved in the industry and peak body associations.

Module 2:

Promoting New Zealand as a Study Destination
This module covers promoting New Zealand and the various opportunities available to students looking to New Zealand for their student journey.  It also provides information and guidance around setting Student Persona when marketing and promoting to prospective international students.

Module 3:

The New Zealand Education System
This module provides an overview of the New Zealand Education System – transformation, recognition and quality assurance systems.  It also provides information on the School Education System, the New Zealand Curriculum, Qualification Levels and the various Quality Assurance Agencies.

Module 4:

Enrolments and Procedures
This module provides a general overview of enrolment procedures and requirements for the various levels of qualification for international students enrolling with New Zealand Education providers.

Module 5:

Code of Practice
This module provides an overview of the Code of Practice.  It includes important information on the inclusions and outcomes of the Code of Practice.  This module is key for education agent counselors promoting New Zealand and also the legal requirements and responsibilities that Education Agencies need to be aware of when entering into agreements with New Zealand Education Providers.

Module 6:

Immigration New Zealand
The Immigration Module is presented by a Licensed Immigration Adviser authorised to provide immigration advice.  The module provides a general overview of student visa requirements and includes information regarding approval rates, challenges faced, compliance and verification, fraud/risk assessment and processing times.

Sector Specific

Module 1:

English Language Sector
This module provides an overview of the English Language Sector in New Zealand – including general statistics, subject specific classes, exam preparation classes and key marketing focus areas when promoting the English Language Sector to prospective students.

Module 2:

Schools Sector
This module provides an overview of the Schools Sector – covering Primary, Intermediate and Secondary Schools.  It also looks at the qualification options and Code of Practice School Specific requirements.

Module 3:

Tertiary Education Sector
This module looks at the different Tertiary Sector models – Universities, Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics (ITPs) and Private Training Establishments (PTEs).

Upcoming Training





14 December

NZ Time 3:00 – 5:00 pm

1.1 The New Zealand Internacional Education Industry

1.2 Promoting New Zealand as a Study Destination 


16 December

NZ Time 3:00 – 5:00 pm

1.3 The New Zealand Education System

1.4 Enrolments and procedures

1.5 Code of Practice


17 December

NZ Time 3:00 – 5:00 pm

1.6 Inmigration

2.1 English Language Sector


18 December

NZ Time 3:00 – 5:00 pm

2.2 School Sector

2.3 Tertiary Education Sector