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Education Agents play an important role in the promotion of New Zealand as a study destination, engaging over 50% of international students at some stage during their enrolment process, and assisting to create a link with education providers. These numbers however have brought numerous challenges for Agents and the education sector as a whole on multiple levels, affecting student’s experiences and government efforts on the international market.

To meet these challenges and turn them into opportunities for development and sustainable growth for the sector, an industry lead body has been formed to support and represent the needs of Education Agents – introducing ISEA, International Standards Education Agents.


“I’m very happy and excited about ISEA which will give the opportunity, for us agents, to be heard and recognized as part of the whole process. This project will not only benefit us but will also benefit our students by creating better experiences for them when dealing with professional agents. The training was excellent covering all the points that meet our needs. “
Eduardo Goncalves – Director, Think New Zealand

About Us

International Standards Education Agents (ISEA) is the central hub for Education Agents promoting New Zealand as a study destination, and aims to serve the needs of the sector by providing Training, Representation, Management and an industry approved Accreditation system.

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