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The export education industry is currently New Zealand’s 5th largest export earner, with international students contributing $4.9 billion to our economy.

Education Agents play an important role in the promotion of New Zealand as a study destination, engaging over 50% of international students at some stage during their enrolment process, and assisting to create a link with education providers. These numbers however have brought numerous challenges for Agents and the education sector as a whole on multiple levels, affecting student’s experiences and government efforts on the international market.

To meet these challenges and turn them into opportunities for development and sustainable growth for the sector, International Standards Education Agents (ISEA) was established to offer a support hub, provide comprehensive training, and raise the level of professional standards through an industry approved Accreditation system for Education Agencies based locally and abroad.

ISEA understands the needs of both Education Agents and Providers as its Council body is made up of representatives from both sides including those from the English Language sector, Schools and Tertiary sectors. This industry support and experience will not only benefit Education Agents by being better informed, equipped and represented, but Providers can also save time and resources by utilising the ISEA customised Training and Management programme for their own Education Agents.

Plans are under way for ISEA to expand its offices offshore and offer its Training and Accreditation programme in regions where New Zealand is heavily promoted as a study destination, and eventually other countries that also face challenges in the growing export education industry.

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