ISEA is pleased to introduce our preferred partner – Industry Service Providers

Pearson PTE Academic

Pearson PTE Academic is a leading English language test provider widely accepted by educational institutions and government agencies across the world. As a preferred partner, ISEA will work with Pearson PTE Academic to develop business opportunities with industry stakeholders including education providers, education agents, international students and government agencies.



Enroller is an international student marketing and enrolment platform designed to make it easy for more than 100 education providers and 1300 education agents globally to access digital marketing content and process student enquiries and enrolments online. ISEA will work with Enroller to provide benefits to both education agents and education providers and will focus on creating new products and services to respond to the challenges and recovery of the current and post COVID-19 international student market.


Southern Cross Travel Insurance

Southern Cross Travel Insurance (SCTI) is a 100% New Zealand owned specialist travel insurer in operation for over 38 years. SCTI’s TravelCare products and services are award-winning. SCTI’s International Student product offers 24/7 emergency assistance and no excess charge on medical costs, and can cover not only the student but his or her spouse and dependent children. ISEA will work with SCTI to develop business opportunities with industry stakeholders, including education providers, education agents and international students.


For enquiries, please contact [email protected]