Accreditation Programme

To become an ISEA Accredited Education Agency

An ISEA Accredited Education Agency is an organization operated by experienced and trusted agents who have met the criteria set by the International Standards for Education Agents (ISEA) as the Accreditation Authority.  Agents need to demonstrate specific experience, references and complete the comprehensive training programme to gain accreditation status.

The Education Agency needs to be reassessed every year to maintain the accreditation status. 


Before the applicant formally submits the application, they will be asked to submit their draft application to a member of our ISEA assessment team for a preliminary check. This is an important step that provides the applicant with feedback on ways they could improve their application, so they are more likely to be successful.

After the applicant submits their application online, a panel from ISEA will assess and ensure the following points are completed prior to finalising accreditation status:

  • Assess the application against the ISEA competency standards
  • Ensure all Education Agents promoting NZ under the agency have completed the ISEA training modules
  • Acquire feedback from nominated referees
  • Schedule an interview with the Agency’s Management
  • Report back to the Agency about the results of the assessment
  • Request for further information if required

What is required from an Accredited Education Agency

An accredited Education Agency should meet a set of minimum competency requirements and standards to ensure a high standard of compliance with the regulations of the education sector, Immigration NZ and the Code of Practice.

The Education Agency will also be asked to:

  • Provide references from NZ Education providers or previous employers of the legal representative of the agency if it is a new agency.
  • Provide details of an agency website ensuring content is accurate and up to date
  • Provide a list of the counsellors employed by the agency as Education Agents with their individual contact details for training purposes.
  • Provide the learning records obtained from the formal training offered by ISEA
  • Ensure Education Agents employed under their agency keep up to date with training and updated information offered by ISEA.