About Education Agents

What is the role of an Education Agency and an Education Agent?

An Education Agency is a company established with the purpose to promote educational opportunities to prospective international students looking to study abroad.  An Education Agency must be a legally registered company.

Employees of the Education Agency who provide the service of counselling prospective students are referred to as Education Agents.  The Education Agent will guide the student and provide options around educational opportunities and choosing the appropriate institution.  The Education Agent will assist the student to make an informed decision and therefore must possess first-hand knowledge about the many aspects of the student journey from enquiry through to enrolment stage.  The Education Agent should also assist with follow up support after commencement of study to ensure the chosen destination and program of study is meeting the student’s expectations.

ISEA Accredited Education Agencies

An Accredited Education Agency is an organisation operated by experienced Education Agents who have met the criteria set by the International Standards for Education Agents (ISEA) as the Accreditation Authority.  An accredited Education Agency should meet a comprehensive structure that ensures they meet minimum competency requirements and standards. Compliance with the regulations of the Education Sector, Immigration New Zealand and the Code of Practice are three key areas ISEA will check during the assessment.

Education Agencies are reassessed every year to maintain accreditation status.

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