The ISEA Education Agent Advisory Board is a group of agents selected by the ISEA team and the ISEA Accreditation Council to provide feedback and support to the ISEA Accreditation and Training programme for further strategic development.  Agents have been carefully selected and have met the requirements below:

  • The agency must hold current ISEA Accreditation
  • The agency must have been established for more than 3 years
  • The agency must be sending a good number of students to New Zealand
  • The agency must have a Licensed Immigration Adviser on staff

Advisory Board Members

Mrs Renee XU, Director of Chance Immigration and Education

Renee came to New Zealand in 2000 and completed her Bachelor Degree and Master Degree in 2004 and 2006 respectively. She worked as a marketing executive at a PTE in Auckland before she set up her own education and immigration agency in 2009. In the past decade, her company has helped nearly 10,000 clients to realize their dreams of studying abroad and immigrating to New Zealand. It has become a well-recognized company in New Zealand’s immigration and education sector and a leading expert in this industry.

Stephanie Feret, President of Fenix Visa & Immigration Consultancy Inc, 

Stephanie is the President of Fenix Visa & Immigration Consultancy Inc, Philippines which is one of the largest producing agents from the Philippines for the New Zealand market.  She has close to 14 years experience working for Immigration New Zealand in Manila before establishing Fenix Visa.  Stephanie is a Licensed Immigration Adviser for New Zealand.