Why New Zealand is an ideal study destination?

New Zealand has provided international students with sufficient and prompt support in various ways during the Covid-19 pandemic. The New Zealand Government’s quick response and actions have demonstrated that New Zealand is one of the best study destinations for international students.  Below details some of the key points where International students have been supported through Government Agencies and Education Providers.


  • Flexibility with online learning: Education providers were supported by the New Zealand Government to launch online learning platforms to ensure students could continue to study.
  • Student support and counselling services: New Zealand Government agencies and education providers have been proactively involved in ensuring student support and counselling services have been made readily available for students who require extra support.
  • Wage subsidy programme: The New Zealand Government released a wage-subsidy scheme to assist employers to continue to pay wages. International students have also been able to receive the wage subsidy through their employer.
  • Financial support: Many New Zealand education providers have assisted students with hardship support, for example, covering rental payments during the lockdown period.
  • Visa extension: Immigration New Zealand automatically extended a number of temporary visa categories where students or workers were impacted and had expiring visas.
  • Student visa a priority: Immigration New Zealand is currently prioritising visa applications for international students who are already in New Zealand
  • Flexibility on work rights for student visa holders: Immigration New Zealand amended the work rights for international students working in essential businesses temporarily.
  • Repatriation: International students were allowed to take domestic flights and transportation to connect to international flights to leave New Zealand during the lockdown period.  The New Zealand Government worked with a number of other Governments and Embassies to support repatriation flights.
  • Free testing and treatment for Covid-19 related cases: The New Zealand Government covers all expenses for testing and medical treatment for people who are affected by Covid-19. This applies to everyone including international students and tourists who are already in New Zealand. 


To keep you updated with the news and policy changes in regard to Covid-19 in New Zealand, please refer to the New Zealand Covid-19 Page summarised by ISEA.

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