Peter Humphreys (Tangata Tiriti Co-Chair)

Peter originates from North Wales and became formally qualified as a social worker a few years ago after a range of occupations from being a chef in London to being a fisherman in the southern ocean.

Peter is currently the Manager of the Hamilton Christian Nightshelter Trust where he manages two shelters – one for males which caters for 25 men and one for females which caters for up to 12 women.

Why did he become involved in the issues of homelessness?  Peter says – ‘There is a well-known saying that ‘an Englishman’s home is his castle’.  It is slightly different for us Welsh people.  It was decreed in the 12th century by an English king that ‘Welshmen shall not have castles’.  Since then Welshmen have been adamant that they will have castles!’

For Peter, the right to shelter is a basic right that should be accorded to all members of our society.

Peter is the Tangata Tiriti Co-Chair of the NZCEH.