ISEA welcomes Whanganui & Partners as our preferred partner

ISEA is pleased to welcome our new preferred partner Whanganui & Partners.

Whanganui & Partners is Whanganui’s economic development agency which is dedicated to delivering a thriving and resilient economy to the Whanganui district.

There are a wide range of courses and programmes available to international students and there are over 50 schools and tertiary education providers in the Whanganui region. The small size of the district makes Whanganui a perfect place for international students to closely connect with the local community, build relationships with peers and tutors, get involved in the outdoors, sports and cultural activities. International students are carefully looked after and supported by a warm and diverse community.

ISEA will work closely with Whanganui & Partners to develop business opportunities and bring more international students to study in the Whanganui region.


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Instagram: Discover Whanganui

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