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Education agencies assigned with this logo are ISEA Accredited Agencies. Education counsellors from an ISEA accredited education agency have completed the ISEA agent training programme and have a wealth of knowledge to support and guide prospective students interested in studying in New Zealand.
Education agencies assigned with this logo have applied for ISEA accreditation. Education counsellors from these agencies may not yet have completed the ISEA agent training or are waiting for their accreditation to be finalised.
Education agencies assigned with this logo are ISEA education agency members. They receive regular updates about the New Zealand international education sector from ISEA but have not completed the ISEA agent training and accreditation programme.


    • Country
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    Agency NameContactCountry
    ADVANZ HealthCare Ltd New Zealand
    Advanz Plus New Zealand
    Advice for you Thailand
    AECC Global Thailand
    AECC Global Indonesia
    AECC Global Philippines Philippines
    AFS COLOMBIA Colombia
    Agencia de Intercambio Xplora Education Colombia
    Agencia de Viajes Girasol Tours Colombia
    Agencia Internacional de Estudios en el Exterior Colombia
    Agencia Santur L Alianxa Colombia
    Agent Hai Vietnam
    AHEAD International Education Philippines
    AIBC Thailand Thailand
    Aim International Education Co Ltd Thailand
    AIMS Global Immigration and Education Services New Zealand
    AIS Walker New Zealand
    AJ & Elijah Co Ltd New Zealand
    AJV Services Ltd New Zealand
    ALAS Abroad Colombia
    ALFALINK (Anton Gautama) Indonesia
    All About Study Company Thailand
    All-in Eduspace Indonesia
    Alta Education Servcies Indonesia
    Ampass New Zealand
    AMS Bridge Blue Philippines
    AMS Bridge Blue - Thailand Thailand
    AMV Consultancy Services Trading Vietnam
    Andinoz Colombia Colombia
    ANEX COLOMBIA Colombia
    Anglo Phone Education Group Co Ltd Thailand
    Anindo Overseas Study & Training Consultants Indonesia
    Anphat Investment & Consultancy Joint Stock Vietnam
    Anthlong Group Limited New Zealand
    Anywhere New Zealand
    ANZ Education Centre Co Ltd Thailand
    Anz International Education Colombia
    ANZ Standard Education New Zealand
    Anzac Education Counsellors Indonesia
    Aotearoa School Advisory Centre ASAC New Zealand
    APEC Immigration ltd New Zealand
    Apex Education Consultant Co Ltd Thailand
    APICE Colombia
    APIEC Colombia
    Aplink Consultancy Limited New Zealand
    AppleMammy Media Ltd
    Phone: 09 4784342
    New Zealand
    Apprenticeship Overseas Study and Training Company Vietnam
    Aprende Estudios en el Exterior Colombia
    Apro Education Ltd
    Phone: 272736020
    New Zealand
    APSthai Co., Ltd Thailand
    ARC (Auckland Ryugaku Center)
    Phone: 09 358 4560
    New Zealand
    Ardour Culture Education Centre Limited New Zealand
    Around the World Colombia
    ASAC Ltd New Zealand
    Asia Europe Co Ltd Vietnam
    Asia Pacific International Consulting Ltd New Zealand
    Asian Impex International Limited New Zealand
    Asian Migration New Zealand
    Asiania International Consulting - AIC - Thailand Thailand
    Asky Internatinal New Zealand
    Aspectama Indonesia
    Assen Education & Culture Ltd New Zealand
    ASTEX- Colombia Colombia
    Asure Solution Limited New Zealand
    AT Education Co Ltd Thailand
    At Home Study Travel Thailand
    AT International New Zealand
    ATEC Vietnam Com Ltd Vietnam
    Atlantic International Education and Trade Vietnam
    Atlas Education Services Indonesia
    ATS Avenue to Success Vietnam
    AU Study Thailand
    AU Study (Thailand) Co., Ltd Thailand
    Au-Pair Colombia Colombia
    AUG Student Services (AusEd-UniEd International Pty Ltd) Indonesia
    AUG Study Manila Philippines
    AUM Education Vietnam
    Aushine Education New Zealand
    Aussie Pinoy Edu.Com Corporation (Apecc) Philippines
    Aussie Study Education Group Thailand
    Aussie Way Co Ltd Thailand
    aussieyoutoo Colombia
    Aussintech Colombia
    Aussiz Migration and Education Consultants (NZ) Ltd New Zealand
    Australasian Student Services Colombia
    Australasian Student Services - Bogot Colombia
    Australia & New Zealand International Education Centre
    Phone: 09 3070948
    New Zealand
    Australia Centre Medan Indonesia
    Australia Group Study Travel Grow Colombia
    Australia study travel com Colombia
    Australia Visa and Student Service (AVSS) - Vietnam Vietnam
    Australian Centre Thailand
    Australian Engagement Education Consultants Colombia
    Australian International Student Office Colombia
    Australian Option Education Colombia
    Australian Visa and Study Services (AVSS) Thailand