Accredited ISEA Agency
Agency application for accreditation and training underway


    • Country
    • Status
    Agency NameCountry
    BNAC EducationPhilippines
    Borderless International GroupNew Zealand
    Brazil Kiwi LimitedNew Zealand
    Bright EducationThailand
    Bright Future NZNew Zealand
    BrightnessNew Zealand
    Brilliant Living Company LimitedThailand
    Byron InternationalNew Zealand
    C&A International Education GruopNew Zealand
    C&N Immigration Consultants LtdNew Zealand
    C3 InterThailand
    Cambridge CIANew Zealand
    Centory Company LtdThailand
    Chain OnNew Zealand
    China-NZ Cultural Exchange CentreNew Zealand
    Chiwi ImmigrationNew Zealand
    Choice International Group (CIG)New Zealand
    Choose New Zealand Education and MigrationNew Zealand
    Click Education ConsultantThailand
    CNZ InternationalNew Zealand
    Commonwealth Visa ExpertsPhilippines
    Commonwealth Visa Experts (NZ)New Zealand
    Conectado NZNew Zealand
    ConnectioNZNew Zealand
    Contact StudiesNew Zealand
    CoPlan GroupNew Zealand
    Coreenz Edu LtdNew Zealand
    Country City Study Centre Co LtdThailand
    CP International Education and Migration CentreThailand
    CTM EducationNew Zealand
    Cworld LtdNew Zealand
    D&E Immigrant Service Centre LimitedNew Zealand
    Dae-Sung Study Overseas in New ZealandNew Zealand
    DEOW NZNew Zealand
    Discovery Education & Travel LtdNew Zealand
    Downtown Desk LtdNew Zealand
    Dr Zhang Education New Zealand LtdNew Zealand
    DW GroupNew Zealand
    East Coast International Studies & Service (ECI)New Zealand
    Easylife Home LtdNew Zealand