Accredited ISEA Agency
Agency application for accreditation and training underway


    • Country
    • Status
    Agency NameCountry
    ABY international Group LtdNew Zealand
    Academic Ezy GroupNew Zealand
    Access NZ Consulting LtdNew Zealand
    ACN Southern Immigration and Education ServicesPhilippines
    Adwise Education - BangkokThailand
    AECC Global PhilippinesPhilippines
    AECC Global ThailandThailand
    AHEAD International EducationPhilippines
    Aim International Education Co LtdThailand
    AIMS Global Immigration and Education ServicesNew Zealand
    AIS WalkerNew Zealand
    AJV Services LtdNew Zealand
    AmpassNew Zealand
    AMS Bridge BluePhilippines
    Anglo Phone Education Group Co LtdThailand
    Anthlong Group LimitedNew Zealand
    AnywhereNew Zealand
    ANZ Education Centre Co LtdThailand
    Apex Education Consultant Co LtdThailand
    AppleMammy Media LtdNew Zealand
    Apro Education LtdNew Zealand
    ARC (Auckland Ryugaku Center)New Zealand
    Asian MigrationNew Zealand
    Asure Solution LimitedNew Zealand
    AT Education Co LtdThailand
    AT InternationalNew Zealand
    AU StudyThailand
    AUG Study ManilaPhilippines
    Aushine EducationNew Zealand
    Aussie Way Co LtdThailand
    Aussiz Migration and Education Consultants (NZ) LtdNew Zealand
    Australia & New Zealand International Education CentreNew Zealand
    Best Advice LtdNew Zealand
    Bestmore Consultants Co. LtdNew Zealand
    Bethel NZ UhakNew Zealand
    Better Grade Education Centre (Thailand) Co LtdThailand
    Beyond Boundary Migration Solutions Co., LtdThailand
    Beyond Study CenterThailand
    Birdview immigrationNew Zealand
    BloomingNew Zealand