A $37.6 million programme was announced to assist foreign nationals

The International Student Hardship Fund has been fully allocated with around 11,000 international students receiving support in forms of cash grants, food parcels and accommodation support.

The New Zealand government has released a new programme to assist foreign nationals, including international students, impacted by the Covid-19 Pandemic with basic needs such as food and accommodation.

Temporary visa holders who are not able to financially support themselves are advised to depart New Zealand if possible. However, for those who have remained in New Zealand due to various reasons, the government will provide assistance to those who are suffering serious hardship if all other avenues of potential support have been exhausted.

Under the new programme, assistance may be provided for food, household goods, basic clothing, medication, accommodation, utilities, pre-paid phone cards to enable emergency communication and communication with consulate/embassy, and petrol/travel with limitations applied. No cash payments will be offered.

The programme commenced on 1st July and will last for three months. It is projected that approximately 20,000 individuals are experiencing serious hardship. New Zealand Red Cross has been contracted to deliver assistance to foreign nationals.

For details, please refer to the FAQ documents.

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