ISEA completed the first round of agent training in Bogota, Colombia

ISEA have successfully delivered the first round agent training in Bogota, Colombia on 27th January 2020. It was great to meet with these fantastic and enthusiastic agents again to explore the New Zealand International Education industry since we launched in December 2019 in Colombia. ISEA look forward to providing the trained and accredited agencies with continuous support and assistance.



New Zealand universities report continued growth in international enrolments

Despite the overall decrease in the number of international students in 2018, the university sector has seen continuous growth (+9.8%) to 30,007 in 2018 in New Zealand, pushing the university sector to the first place of the sectors for international students for the first time over the last six years.

Education agents continue to play an important role in international student recruitment, representing about 44.5% of international students enrolled in the eight New Zealand universities.

For details, please refer to the PIE News “New Zealand universities report continued uptick in int’l enrolments”